Tune Us In

How To Access Your Local City Channel.

You can find us on Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media.

Freeview: 7 (8 in Wales)

Sky: 117 (134 in Wales)

Virgin: 159

How to retune your Freeview box.

Most Freeview HD TVs and Freeview HD Recorders prompt you to retune (rescan) when a change has occurred. Older products need to be manually retuned from time to time. This is usually a straightforward process. Retuning Guide

Accessing Channels Away from Home.

You can access other Local TV channels anywhere in the country via Sky.

Frequency Standard Polarisation Symbol Rate FEC
11538 DVB-S MPEG-2 V 22.0 5/6

Step by Step Guide

  1. Press Services
  2. Press Down
  3. Select “Add Chnls”
  4. Press down
  5. Enter frequency
  6. Set Polarisation
  7. Set Symbol Rate
  8. Set FEC
  9. Standard should be DVB-S
  10. Modulation should be QPSK
  11. Press the yellow button
  12. Scroll down the channels and highlight the relevant station and press Yellow
  13. Repeat for any other channels to add
  14. On your remote control press select – the channels are now stored
  15. To view them press services
  16. Press down
  17. Select “Other Chnls”
  18. You can now select the channels and enjoy!

Please note: if you have manually tuned in to our stations, you will not be able to record or series-link programmes.